Raleigh Walk-In Showers
KOHLER® LuxStone™ Walk-In Showers

One of the most popular upgrades homeowners in Raleigh are making today is to convert their tubs and showers into modern, easy-access walk-in showers. Are you looking to install a walk-in shower in Raleigh or the Triangle area? Call BathPro today for one-day walk-in shower installation services!

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Walk-In Showers in Raleigh: One-Day Installations

Does your bathroom in Raleigh need an upgrade? Walk-in showers offer significant benefits to homeowners who seek a higher quality bathing experience.

You may be looking to install a walk-in shower if:

  • You want to upgrade to a modern, functional shower
  • You appreciate the benefits LuxStone™ Walk-In Showers offer
  • You plan to age in place with a senior-friendly walk-in shower
  • You enjoy the safety, functionality, and mobility of a walk-in shower
  • You are investing in the overall value of your home

Whatever your reasons may be, deciding to install a walk-in shower for your home is an excellent step forward for you and your family. At BathPro, we install walk-in showers in Raleigh and throughout the Research Triangle Park area with same-day services for your ease and convenience.

BathPro provides Raleigh and the Wake County area with quality walk-in shower installations to make any house a home. Call today at 866-522-7507 or contact us to learn more!  

Benefits of Walk-In Showers in Raleigh

If you are looking to install a walk-in shower for your home in Raleigh that you won’t have to ever worry about replacing, BathPro offers exclusive warranties to reflect a superior commitment to excellence and customer service in the bathroom remodeling industry.

We work with Kohler® LuxStone™ Walk-In Showers to provide you with the following benefits:

  • Walk-in Shower Custom Options Style and size your walk-in shower to your preferences. At BathPro, we make it easy for you to select the way your shower will look and feel, from the colors and patterns of the LuxStone shower walls to sizing and storage options.


  • Outstanding Safety & Mobility – Each walk-in shower is built with a slip-resistant surface, secure shower seat, fixed handrails, and a low-entry threshold of 3 inches, the lowest in the industry. Each shower also features easy access controls, shower barres, and wide entry doors.


  • Low Maintenance Walk-in Shower Design – If you are seeking long-term durability in a walk-in shower for your home in Raleigh, talk to BathPro today. One reason why we choose to install Kohler Walk-In Showers is due to their low-maintenance design using Serica walls to create an easy to clean, seamless finish.

Are you looking to install a walk-in shower in Raleigh? Contact BathPro today at 866-522-7507 or online to learn more about walk-in shower installations in the Triangle area or in Wake County.

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One-Day Walk-In Shower Installations in Raleigh

BathPro is the exclusive Kohler Dealer in North Carolina and Raleigh to help you with all of your walk-in shower and bath design needs. As a company that is very familiar with Research Triangle Park and the Raleigh area, we believe in customer service that treats you like our neighbor and expects excellence.

At your appointment for a walk-in shower installation in Raleigh, a Kohler-certified specialist at BathPro can be out to your home to take your existing bath to a new level with the installation of a beautiful new walk-in shower. No matter if this is your first home after graduating from North Carolina State or if you’re looking to invest in the value of your home in the Research Triangle area, you’ve found the walk-in shower installers in Raleigh to trust.

Contact BathPro today to learn more about one-day walk-in shower installations in Raleigh. Call us at 866-522-7507 or contact us online!

Walk-In Showers in Raleigh

As the exclusive Kohler Dealer in Raleigh, BathPro services the entire state with quality walk-in bath and walk-in shower installation services. If you have a question about walk-in showers for your home in the Triangle area, call us today!

We look forward to providing you with a beautiful new walk-in shower in Raleigh. Call us today at 866-522-7507 or contact us online!

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