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What could be more important than finding a way to stay in your home as you age? Walk-in showers and walk-in baths can help you do just that. If you are looking to convert your bath or shower for yourself or to support a loved one who is elderly or is living with a disability, a walk-in shower or bath is an empowering solution.

BathPro offers one-day installations of senior-friendly walk-in baths and walk-in showers in the North Carolina area. We offer a wide range of options to size, style, and customize your walk-in bath or shower so that your next bathing experience will be one of comfort, relaxation, and confidence.

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Benefits of Senior-Friendly Shower Design

Deciding to convert your traditional bathroom setup to a walk-in shower or walk-in tub is an investment that you will feel the reward of throughout your lifetime. When you think about aging in place and universal design, you plan ahead to support important life changes and bring ease to your everyday life.

Universally designed walk-in showers and tubs provide the following benefits:

Easy-Access Shower System

If you are seeking to install a wheelchair accessible shower or tub, a walk-in bath is an ideal solution. Our walk-in baths are built with the lowest step-in threshold of just three inches with a wide entry door, wide shower seat, and slip-resistant surface so you can enter and exit your bath smoothly and safely.

Our easy access walk-in showers and baths also include custom placed handrails located on the interior and exterior of the bath, as well as easy to reach controls to adjust the massage, temperature, and hydrotherapy settings of the BubbleMassage™ air jets and Bask™ heated backrest for maximum comfort.


Do you suffer from chronic pain, back pain, headaches, or migraines? Let hydrotherapy ease away tension and pain with the mindful use of heat, air, and water therapy. By combining therapeutic whirlpool jets with adjustable heated surfaces, you can make bathing a naturally healing experience.

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Fast Drain Technology

Not all walk-in baths are built the same. When it comes to appearance and performance, Kohler® Walk-In Showers and Baths lead the industry. Each walk-in bath is designed with fast drain technology to quickly drain the tub and temperature adjustment controls to keep your arms, back, and neck heated, so you can feel warm and comfortable even as you dry.

Why Choose a Senior-Friendly Walk-In Shower or Walk-In Bath?

When you convert your shower or tub to a walk-in bathing system, you’re taking an important step towards maintaining or regaining your independence, safety, and confidence as you bathe. The best showers for seniors respect their needs for mobility and comfort. With a walk-in shower or bath, you can give yourself or your loved ones the reassurance that bathing can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience again.

BathPro’s Senior-Friendly Walk-In Showers & Bathtubs

Are you looking forward to a life where bathing feels like time at the spa? A walk-in bath or shower system provides the safety, ease, and luxury that can turn your usual bathing experience around.

If you are looking to convert your tub or shower to a senior-friendly walk-in bath, get in touch with BathPro today. We offer one-day walk-in bath and shower installations, as well as a generous warranty on products and services.

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