Walk In Showers

If you’ve had enough of you old tub, are looking for an easy access walk-in shower, or would simply like to upgrade your existing tub then consider our bathtub to shower conversion. This is a great and budget friendly way to update your bathroom. Our KOHLER Walk-In showers were designed to be aesthetically pleasing, easy to access/operate, and built for long lasting beauty.

Walk In Showers Features & Benefits

Design features you expect from Kohler

We offer shower walls in a range of colors, patterns and textures, and thoughtfully designed storage options to organize your shower items.

Durable materials for long-lasting beauty

We manufacture out shower walls from Serica, a proprietary composite material manufactured by Kohler to the highest standards of performance.

Low-maintenance shower walls

The joints in our showers leave minimal seams for a finished look that conceals the silicone and makes it easy to clean the shower walls.

Accessories to personalize your shower

We offer a range of accessories including grab bars, shower seating and adaptable faucet configurations.

Imagine feeling like you’re stepping into a spa every time you take your morning shower. Walk-in showers let you do just that. Thanks to a low threshold, walk-in showers allow you to enter and exit your shower with ease. Stand or sit, with a walk-in shower you have the freedom to do either, and you can configure shower controls to be comfortably within your reach. Plus, you can shower in confidence with help from a fixed handrail and a slip-resistant surface.

Professional installation is quick

A Kohler-certified specialist will install a beautiful walk-in shower in your home in about a day. The walk-in shower fills the space of your existing bath without the need for a full remodel.

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Hydrorail - S Showerhead and Handshower

HydroRail-S replaces a fixed showerhead with the versatility of a handshower.

  • The hand shower puts control of the shower spray in your hand, allowing you to target specific areas of the body, such as sore muscles.
  • The slidebar and bracket allow for easy adjustments of height and angle of the spray for a more customized showering experience.
  • Switching between the showerhead and handshower is easy with a diverter valve conveniently located on the shower column.
  • Reuse the existing showerhead or replace it with a KOHLER® showerhead. Kohler offers a complete line of showerheads, from indulgent sprays that relax you to invigorating sprays that revitalize you.

One-Day Professional Installation

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