Walk-In Tubs in Chapel Hill, NC

Kohler® Walk-In Bathtubs

BathPro offers professional walk-in bath installation services in Chapel Hill to transform your tub in just one day! With a wide array of custom safety, comfort, and aesthetic options, transforming your bath into a therapeutic bathing experience is made simple and affordable.

Whether you are converting your bathtub to a mobile or senior-friendly walk-in bath, to bathe independently in your home for longer, or to enjoy the many benefits of hydrotherapy and therapeutic bathroom design, a walk-in bath may be perfect for your Chapel Hill home.

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Chapel Hill Walk-In Tub Benefits

BathPro is a Kohler-certified bathroom installer for Chapel Hill, North Carolina homes. Our bathroom installers choose Kohler products for their 140 years in ergonomic walk-in bath design and unparalleled service and product warranties.

With our one-day installation services, your walk-in bath in Chapel Hill transforms your bathroom into a spa-like retreat you can depend on for a lifetime. For all of your comfort, safety, and convenience needs, these walk-in tubs offer the following benefits:

Safety Features

The instances of bathroom injuries and falls can be greatly reduced by converting your current bathtub or shower to an easy access walk-in bath. At BathPro, our walk-in baths by Kohler offer the following safety features:

  • Ultra-Low Step-In for Easy Entry – Each walk-in bath has a low, 3-inch step-in threshold to allow you to easily enter and exit your bath without water spilling into the bathroom.
  • Fast Drain Technology – Kohler is proud to offer one of the fastest bathtub filling and draining times available on the market.
  • Support Handrails – Bathroom handrails are positioned on the interior and exterior surfaces of the bath to support an easy transition from sitting to standing or to move in and out of the bath.
  • Wide Entry Door – Enjoy your easy-access walk-in tub with an extra-wide door that is estimated to be 20% wider than other walk-in baths, opening all the way to give you plenty of space and mobility.

Therapeutic Benefits

When you are considering a walk-in tub for your Chapel Hill home, don’t stop at researching safety features. Kohler also has several therapeutic benefits to support your relaxation as you bathe.

  • Hydrotherapy Jets and BubbleMassage™ Air Jets – Each walk-in bath features thoughtfully placed hydrotherapy jets to target the back of your legs, behind your calves, and along your back and spine while thousands of massage bubbles provide an overall massage experience.
  • Multifunctional Handshower – Choose from three spray options—wide spray, massage spray, and gentle aerated spray with soothing streams of water.
  • Bask™ Heated Backrest and Extra Wide Seat – To enjoy your walk-in bath to the fullest, turn on settings to heat your back, neck, and shoulders.
  • Easy-to-Reach Controls – Kohler’s walk-in baths offer easily accessible, ergonomic control panels with three adjustable heat intensity settings to soothe different areas of your body.

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Walk-In Bath Wall & Design Options

Our bathroom installers in Chapel Hill offer a wide variety of customization options to make your walk-in bath feel entirely your own. Choose from an array of patterns, colors, and textures to tailor your walk-in tub to your unique design aesthetic. If you would like to begin designing the perfect walk-in bathtub for your home in Chapel Hill, give our professionals in Chapel Hill a call to schedule a consultation!

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Senior-Friendly Walk-In Tub Design

Recognizing that adults over the age of 65 are at higher risk of falls or of bathroom injuries, Kohler’s walk-in tubs are designed for maximum comfort and support. Our bathroom installers in Chapel Hill help adults, seniors, and individuals with disabilities to bathe independently and stay in their homes longer with quality Kohler products.

One-Day Walk-In Tub Installation in Chapel Hill

When it comes to installing a walk-in bath for your home in Chapel Hill, the last thing you want is to have to wait. At BathPro, our Kohler-certified walk-in bath installation experts will install your new walk-in tub and remove the old bathtub in as little as one day.

Chapel Hill is an excellent location for our team, which is very familiar with the Orange and Durham counties within the state, as well as the Research Triangle area. When it comes time to remodel your bathroom to convert it to a walk-in tub, our bathroom installers take special care to take precise measurements and customize your walk-in bath to install it with a seamless fit and finish!

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