Walk-In Bathtubs in Winston-Salem, NC

Kohler® Walk-In Bathtubs

At BathPro, our walk-in bathtub installers in Winston-Salem enable homeowners to enjoy a better bathing experience with quality walk-in bath installation services available in as little as one day. Enjoy a deep soak after a long day or set up your bathroom to safely age in place and continue to bathe independently with a walk-in bath that is custom designed and tailored to your unique interests.

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Benefits of Walk-In Bath Installations in Winston-Salem

If your current bathtub does not offer you the therapeutic benefits of hydrotherapy, massage bubbles, or temperature control, or if it doesn’t seem safe or easy to get in and out of, you will want to consider a walk-in tub for your home in Winston-Salem.

With a walk-in bathtub by Kohler, you can enjoy the following benefits:

Therapeutic Walk-In Bathtub Features

Our walk-in baths in Winston-Salem are designed to maximize your comfort as you bathe. Take a look below to decide if our unique walk-in bath features are right for you!

  • Hydrotherapy jets and BubbleMassage™ air jets – Advanced hydrotherapy jets target the back of your legs, behind your calves, and along your back and spine while thousands of massage bubbles provide an overall massage experience.
  • Multifunctional handshower – Easily choose from a wide spray, massage spray, or a gentle aerated spray option.
  • Bask™ heated backrest and extra wide seat – Adjustable, easy-to-reach temperature controls allow you to heat your back, neck, shoulders to soothe your skin and muscles.

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Walk-In Bathtub Safety Features

Safety, accessibility, and convenience are top priorities for anyone looking to install a walk-in bath. At BathPro, our walk-in tubs in Winston-Salem feature the following crucial safety features:

  • 3-inch step-in entry – Our ultra-low step-in entry threshold allows you to easily enter and exit your bath without having to worry about water spilling out of the tub.
  • Fast drain technology – We don’t like to keep you waiting. Kohler walk-in tubs are one of the fastest draining and filling tubs available on the market today.
  • Support handrails – Bathroom handrails are positioned on the interior and exterior surfaces of the bath to support an easy transition from sitting to standing—or to move in and out of the bath.
  • Wide entry door – Enjoy your easy access walk-in bath with an extra-wide door that is estimated to be 20% wider than other walk-in baths for ease of use and access.

If you are converting your bathroom to safely age in place, a walk-in tub is a senior-friendly alternative to a traditional bathtub and can greatly reduce risks of bathroom injuries or falls. Kohler’s walk-in tubs aim to be the lifetime tub your family can rely on for maximum safety, support, and to have the independence to stay in your home longer.

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Walk-In Bathtub Installations in Winston-Salem

As an authorized dealer of Kohler walk-in bathtubs in Winston-Salem, BathPro offers several walk-in bathtub options to suit your needs, your budget, and your timeline. Kohler walk-in baths are made with over 140 years in studying ergonomic bathroom design. When you choose our walk-in bathroom installation services in Winston-Salem, we can remove your old tub and replace it with an advanced walk-in bathtub in as little as a day, so you can relax in your new bath quickly and conveniently.

BathPro provides walk-in bath installation services in Winston-Salem, in Forsyth County, and throughout the state of North Carolina. If you have a question about walk-in tubs for your home near Winston-Salem or in the “Twin City,” talk with our bathroom installers today!

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