KOHLER® Wide Entry Doors for Walk-in Bathtubs

Extra-Wide Entry Door Step-In Tubs in North Carolina

Not every walk-in bathtub is built the same. Walk-in bathtubs by Kohler have a unique advantage— doors that are at least 20% wider than other step-in tubs. They also open all the way to give you increased ease of access and mobility.

Once you enter your walk-in bathtub through the extra-wide entry, simply turn the interior handle to secure the door with an airtight seal. Your bathing experience is simple, easy, and designed with therapy and mobility in mind.

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Kohler Walk-In Bathtub Safety Features

Kohler walk-in bathtubs offer heated surfaces, non-slip flooring, hydrotherapy jets, and additional features that allow you to customize your bathtub to your individual needs.

  • Extra‑wide entry door
  • Ultra‑low step‑in at just 3 inches
  • Multifunctional showerhead
  • Easy‑to‑grip handrails
  • Accessible control panel

Each walk-in bathtub is equipped with an extra-wide entry door, non-slip flooring, and a comfortable shower seat. This seat features small grooves that channel water away from the seat to prevent unwanted pooling, so you can feel confident entering and exiting the bathtub with ease.

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Kohler Walk-In Bathtub Comfort Features

In addition to the several benefits Kohler walk-in bathtubs have to offer, you will appreciate the added comfort benefits that let you feel luxurious and relaxed in your own home.

  • Hydrotherapy whirlpool jets
  • BubbleMassage™ air jets
  • Bask™ heated surfaces
  • Fast drain technology

Each Kohler walk-in bathtub accommodates a generous tub depth that, using fast drain technology, can fill and heat up in just minutes. Whether you are looking for a roll-in bath for a family member with limited mobility, or if you are an athlete who enjoys a deep soak in a tub, Kohler walk-in baths provide you with an unparalleled bathing experience.

Same Day Bath Installation & Replacement

BathPro’s Kohler-certified bathroom installers can be out to your home to remove your old tub or shower and install your new walk-in tub or shower in the course of just one day! Not only is this option very affordable and hassle-free, but the entire process is overseen by our experts, saving you a headache and ensuring consistency and quality in our work.

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Wide Entry Shower Door Installers in North Carolina

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